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Save up to 50% of your energy bill for fluorescent lighting with the latest solutions from Illuminex. A family of products have been designed that can be retrofitted into most existing fluorescent based luminaires. This allows you to save a significant proportion of your energy costs without the need to purchase new lighting fixtures.Find out more...

LED Lights

The Illuminex LED Range has been specially designed to meet the high use demands that make the switch to LED lights cost effective.
The whole range is purpose built to be retro fit into existing lighting fixtures to provide easy installation so that all your old lights can be improved and made efficient.
LED bulbs give out a clear constant white light that has no stroboscopic effect and gives off no UV light, unlike other forms of lighting and has very lower power consumption, making them cheap to run.
The lifetime of Illuminex LED bulbs is far longer then its equivalent incandescent light by up to 10 times, so you may never need to change the bulb again!
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Induction Lighting

The Illuminex range of induction lights are the latest technology in the lighting business with high efficiency and long life these lights are the best option for lighting large areas and reducing the cost of your high bay lighting.
Induction lights use electromagnetic fields to excite the gas inside the fluorescent tube into producing UV light which in turn causes the phosphorescent coating to emit visible light.
This type of light is very efficient and due to having no electrodes to wear out, very long lasting.

  • Up to 75% Energy saving ratio to equivalent old technology lights
  • Longer Lifetime than any other Fluorescent technology
  • Almost No maintenance costs
  • Instant start and re-start: no cool down period
  • High quality flicker free light
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