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September 2011 - Bristol Airport and Illuminex working together for our environment

In May 2010, Bristol Airport had its expansion plans for the airport approved which will enable it to handle 10 million passengers per annum by 2020.

As part of this major expansion project, the Western Apron Walkway was approved and it was decided that the airport offset the electrical load (175kW) of this new walkway through lighting solution savings.

Bristol Airport selected Illuminex as the best solution to assist them.

Bristol Airport confirmed:

“We are very pleased with the total lighting upgrade Illuminex has achieved. We are already experiencing the lighting energy savings from this recently completed installation. The whole environment and our passengers experience of the airport has been greatly enhanced through the lighting redesign from Illuminex.”

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February 2010 - Illuminex launches low energy lighting

Over the last 2 years Illuminex has been working with international companies to bring Ultra Low Energy lighting to Europe.

Illuminex can now supply LED lighting which typically saves 70% on domestic and commercial lighting energy costs. In addition, we can offer commercial customers Induction Lighting which typically saves 50% when compared with Metal Halide.

Keep an eye on the web site for product specific data.

Kevin Coffey, Managing Director, Illuminex, comments:

"Rising energy prices coupled with a greater awareness of environmental issues means that our low energy lighting products will become increasingly relevant to companies looking to reduce the impact of electricity bills on their balance sheets, as well as their carbon footprint."

"With some projects showing paybacks in under a year the arguments for change are compelling."


October 2008 - "Green" lighting product saves 20-50% in energy costs

September 2008 - Illuminex helps protect some of society's most vulnerable people

March 2008 - Philips announces distribution agreement with Illuminex

December 2007 - Release of Xscape Series