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LED Bulkheads

The Xscape series family of products has been created to take full advantage of the latest in solid-state light source and battery technologies. Blended with a unique design concept, the resulting product range provides users with significant improvements in performance, a reduction in the cost of ownership and a reduced impact on the environment when measured against current technologies.

All of these units incorporate our solid-state light source - The new Luxeon K2 or Rebel technology from Philips.

Our bulkhead units are designed for internal or external applications and are IP66 rated. The bulkhead unit can also be converted for use as an exit sign.

However, we also recognise that in some retrofit environments fluorescent type luminaires may be installed, so we have developed a comprehensive range of inverter units that incorporate many of the advanced features found in the Xscape series.

Automatic testing - BS EN 50172:2004 (BS5266-8:2004) requires the owner occupier to ensure the continued operation of the emergency lighting system and specifies a rigorous test regime. These requirements can be time consuming, disruptive to normal business activities and difficult to manage. Xscape series. Manages all of this for you - completely automatically, reporting faults or failures as and when they occur.

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