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Save up to 50% of your energy bill for fluorescent lighting with thelatest solutions from Illuminex.

Illuminex is committed to the development of innovative products andsolutions which have an immediate and positive impact on theconsumption of energy. Lighting is responsible for approximately 25% of the total electricity consumed. The Illuminex ECOLOGIC range ofenergy efficient fluorescent lamp control ballasts provides a costeffective solution in the drive towards energy conservation and thereduction in CO2 into the atmosphere - now widely recognised as themain cause of global warming.

A family of products have been designed that can be retrofitted into most existing fluorescent based luminaires. This allows you to save a significant proportion of your energy costs without the need to purchase new lighting fixtures. The process is simple, quick and is designed to minimise the disruption to your normal business activity. The high efficiency circuitry means that the running temperature of the control gear is significantly less, thereby reducing heat generation and cooling load.

The ECOLOGIC range of ballasts is not only suitable for the replacement of old magnetic ballast technology but also outperforms modern electronic ballast from all of the major lighting manufacturers. This performance is achieved through an innovative and patented electronic design.

A range of ballasts are available for lamps from 28W to 70W including lamp styles; PLL, T8, T10 and T12. The PL2 family can be configured to connect two or four lamp fittings (max power rating must not be exceeded).

Many areas within existing buildings are illuminated to a level which is higher or lower than that required. This results in energy being consumed unnecessarily, or illumination levels unsatisfactory for the tasks being performed. Each ECOLOGIC ballast has three lumen output settings Low, Medium and High representing an output level factor of 0.8, 1.0 and 1.12 respectively. This allows the user to reduce energy consumption still further our boost lumen levels without the need add or replace current lighting fixtures.

The flicker normally associated with magnetic ballasts can cause discomfort to employees. The ECOLOGIC ballast has been designed to eliminate the flicker completely in the working environment. This flicker free operation also eliminates the stroboscopic effect - rotating equipment appearing to be stationary - reducing the risk of workplace accidents.

The soft-start circuitry minimises the stress placed on the lamp during start-up, this, together with other integral features extend the service life of the lamp.

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