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Monitoring Panels

illuminex - emergency lighting - our products

These panels allow the user to monitor and control all of the emergency lighting luminaires from a central location. The schedule for automatic test times can be programmed into the panel and the results of the test from each luminaire recorded. Uncontrolled testing can be disruptive to the normal business activities our monitrong panels allow test times to be scheduled for individual areas to prevent a conflict with the occupancy schedule of that area.

Each luminaire has its own unique address, therefore, its status, together with a 40 character test message identifying its exact location, can be displayed, simplifying the identification and correction of faults.

Automatic testing - BS EN 50172:2004 (BS5266-8:2004) requires the owner occupier to ensure the continued operation of the emergency lighting system and specifies a rigorous test regime. These requirements can be time consuming, disruptive to normal business activities and difficult to manage. Xscape series. Manages all of this for you - completely automatically, reporting faults or failures as and when they occur.

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