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illuminex - emergency lighting - our products

The Illumi-graph graphics system can be used in conjunction with illumi-Net monitoring panel(s). The graphical user interface uses a windows based programme to display a graphical representation of the building onto which can be plotted a pictorial representation of every emergency lighting luminaire.

Each luminaire is monitored as to its current status. All test results are automatically uploaded from the monitoring panel and stored in the PCs database.

Should a fault develop or the luminaire fail an automatic test, the pictogram for that point will change colour and flash and an audible warning will sound giving the location and nature of the fault. This will continue until acknowledged by the operator, at which point the colour will go steady and the sounder will be silenced. A fault at another luminaire will restart the process.

All information is stored in the database along with a time/date stamp for future reference.

Automatic testing - BS EN 50172:2004 (BS5266-8:2004) requires the owner occupier to ensure the continued operation of the emergency lighting system and specifies a rigorous test regime. These requirements can be time consuming, disruptive to normal business activities and difficult to manage. Xscape series. Manages all of this for you - completely automatically, reporting faults or failures as and when they occur.

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