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The Xscape series family of products has been created to take full advantage of the latest in solid-state light source and battery technologies. Blended with a unique design concept, the resulting product range provides users with significant improvements in performance, a reduction in the cost of ownership and a reduced impact on the environment when measured against current technologies.

For systems where the luminaires are operating in a "stand-alone" mode - i.e. not connected to a monitoring panel - the hand-held programmer can be used to recover the test data.

The hand-held programmer is a compact unit with an intuitive menu driven interface that allows you to collect test and status information from individual luminaires via its infra-red communications link through a simple "walk-by" process. The information can be collected from all of the luminaires in the system and then downloaded to a PC through its integral USB port.

The data is suitable for loading into a Microsoft excel spreadsheet for manipulation, analysis and storage.

The hand-held programmer can also be used to force a luminaire into a test mode.

In addition to the programmer, a simple test only tool is also available.

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